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Piedmont Pastel Society

Mini-Workshop - Leslie Hudson-Tolles: Animals in Landscape

  • 21 Jan 2017
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • McDowell Art Center, 123 McDowell St., Matthews, NC
  • 6


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • Animals in Landscape

Registration is closed


Leslie has been teaching art for 40 plus years. She seeks to assist artists in their creative journey.

 “My art has marked each milestone in my life.  When events shaped my life, they were reflected in my art.  When my life stalled, my art provided direction.  For more than forty years my art has followed my life just as my life has followed my art.”

Afternoon Workshop:

 Working from you own resource, or one Leslie provides for you, Leslie will teach you “tricks” and techniques to layout and start off your painting so you create a successful composition in your painting. One where the animal and the setting are compositionally interesting, avoiding the creation of a blaugh painting. She will show you how to fix your work before it gets started, during, and at the end. All of the information Leslie will be covering can be applied to any element in landscape.

Leslie emphasizes a stress free environment, all levels are welcome. She loves to help artists on their own personal journey with art. Bring previous works if you have them, so she can see what you have done in the past. She also welcomes you to bring any pieces that you are struggling with for her to give some advice on how to proceed.

Fee for the Workshop is $40.00

Lunch can be purchased for $12.00 and is served from 12:00 to 1:00. Please reserve and pay for lunch when you register for the workshop by clicking on the "Register" button to the left

Supply List:

 I would like everyone to bring their favorite pastels and I would hope that would include some dark hard pastels and several soft pastels. I am not going to require a certain paper or board but I would suggest something with enough body that we can scrub or wipe if we need to. I would suggest that participants bring an extra board or paper.

I would also like participants to bring some scrap paper, I would suggest newsprint or just printer paper.

Soft charcoal or dark colored nupastels.

A few Q-tips, a shiskabob stick and a kneaded eraser. 

A reference, or several for a direction you wish your painting to go in.

It would also help if participants bring a piece that they feel they were successful in and/or one they are stuck with (a photo on a phone or tablet or a print out is perfect). 

Clear report sleeves and a water base marker or grease pencil are helpful. 

Optional - I will be using 2 books for reference, An Atlas of Animal Anatomy by Ellenberger

( $11.74)

Animals in Motion by Muybridge, $30.00. With limitless photographic reference available on the Internet neither of these books are necessary. I will have both books at the workshop for everyone to check out.

Bring your questions! My job is to help you find new solutions.

Please contact Leslie at 704-310-6350 with any questions

        Leslie Hudson-Tolles has artwork in the collections of the Newman/Woodward family, actor Denis Leary, horse trainer John Lyons, The Phil Marino Racing Stables and newscaster Brian Williams. Her art has been featured on the covers of The Chronicle of The Horse and Visions Magazine, in Equine ImagesThe Horseman’s Yankee Pedlar, and California Riding Magazine.  The art of L.Hudson-Tolles has been shown in Mt. Kisco NY, Sacramento CA, Lexington KY, Atlanta GA, Petersborough NH, The Equine Affaire, Springfield MA, The State Capital Building, Hartford CT, Newtown, Danbury, Ridgefield, Southbury, Kent and Salisbury CT,  and Charlotte, Pinehurst, Raleigh, Greensboro,Hicory, Salisbury and Ashboro NC, and Delaware, OH. Her pastel “First Frost, (His) Last Winter” and an etching, “Twilight Talk” were juried into and published in The International Ex Arte Equinus Shows.

L. Hudson-Tolles is a full time fine artist/art educator. She conducts adult art classes and workshops at her home studio in addition to teaching Art at Sacred Heart School and The Barnabus Program in Salisbury, NC. 

Her work is currently at Tolholm Studio, Koenigs Frameworks Gallery, Newtown, CT and Waterworks Visual Art Museum and Fine Frame Gallery, both in Salisbury, NC and at The Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center in Lovell, WY.

           Leslie shares her home with horses, rescue dogs, a cat and a very tolerant husband. She welcomes commissions at her North Carolina studio. Her website is

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