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Piedmont Pastel Society

Margulis Basic Supply List


A basic supply list for getting started with pastels


Even though the following pastels are all considered soft pastels, they vary in their
softness. It is helpful to have a variety of each.

HARD PASTELS - a set of hard pastels 48-96. NuPastels, Faber-Castellʼs Polychromos

and Cretacolors are all good choices.

MEDIUM SOFT PASTELS  - A set or selection of medium pastels such as Mount Vision,

Girault, Unison. 60 to 90 pastels are a good number to start with. Unison now offers half
stick sets which appear to be a good value. Mount Vision pastels are large and a good
value as well. If you choose to make up your own set be sure to have the six basic
colors of red, blue, yellow, orange, green, violet with a warm and cool version of each as
well as a variety of values for each color. For example, have a cool and warm red from a
pale pink to a dark rich red.
suggested sets:

EXTRA SOFT PASTELS  - A small set or selection of extra soft pastels such as Terry
Ludwig, Great American Artworks, Sennelier, Schminke. Several of these brands come
in 1/2 stick sets which are a good value. (40-80 sticks)
suggested sets:
Great American 60 piece outdoor 1/2 stick selection $104 at Dakota pastels
Unison 1/2 stick sets 63 piece set is $119 at Dakota pastels

Sanded pastel paper such as Wallis Professional grade paper or UART 500 or 600 grit
is recommended for classes and workshops. Other options include Ampersand
Pastelbord, Art Spectrum Colorfix and Sennelier LaCarte, Pastelmat. I encourage you
to experiment with papers to see what you prefer.

The Bristol Easel Vertical by Windsor Newton is a good inexpensive easel that is good
to bring to class.

• support for painting on such as foamcore or gatorboard
• white artist tape
• small sketchbook and pencil for thumbnail sketches
• baby wipes and rags

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