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Piedmont Pastel Society

Suzy Hart Portrait Workshop Supply List - January 17, 2015

Suggested Supplies


Bring your best assortment of soft pastels. If you are purchasing pastels for the first time, the best color
assortment for this class at a reasonable cost is a Rembrandt 90 piece half-stick set for Portraits. If you
have a full set of any brand, you will have all the colors you need. The small starter sets with less than
90 colors do not have the range needed for skin tones.

For sketching in, mid-value Nu-pastel browns or rust-colored stick, optional

1-2 sheets of good paper, Canson Mi-Teintes in neutral color, Art Spectrum board, Canson Touch, U-art,
etc. Toned paper is great, but keep it to a middle value, not very dark or very light. Try a neutral mid
color like grey, green-gray or blue-gray. Extra paper (3-4 sheets of newsprint ok for padding)

1 stick willow charcoal
Kneaded eraser

Art gum or Magic Rub eraser
A small and a large stiff round bristle brush
A pad of newsprint for studies and notes

Notes: If you are restocking a set, what you might want to stock are:
Mars violet, lightest to deepest range.
Caput Mortem reds, middle to lightest range.
Gold ochre, middle to lightest
A warm fire engine red
A deep wine red
Olive green and raw umber middle to light values

*Students who like to do a wash first and bring moisture-friendly surface are welcome to approach their
study in that manner. Bring a hairdryer if you are using water.

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